Business Overview

Are you struggling with any personnel or labor management issues?
- How should I formulate our employment regulations?
- How can I go about preventing trouble with employees?
- Why are my employees resigning so quickly?
- I don't fully understand the complex labor procedures of social and labor insurance.
- Does part-time assistance exist for paid holidays?
- Are men also able to take childcare leave?
- Are there any grants that my company can take advantage of?

We help every executive through consultations about the people indispensable to corporate management.

Office Information

Labor and Social Security Attorneys Deguchi Labor Management Office
Senior Partner
Specialized Labor and Social Security Attorney Hiromi Deguchi
(Specialized Labor and Social Security Attorney Registration No. 13030577)
Uchida Bldg.3F,1-24-16 Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075,Japan
(3 minute walk from Takadanobaba station on the JR line/Tokyo Metro Tozai line)
A map can be found here.

Alliance Partners
Shinogi Labor Management Office (Consulting for management, personnel, and labor)
Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Management Center(Labor Insurance Administration Association)

Mission of Our Labor Management OfficeA partner to companies.

A partner to companies
We fully support operations related to personnel and labor.
We will propose operations for personnel and labor relations that include structuring and managing personnel systems as well as acting as a representative agent for personnel and labor management and social insurance procedures based on the management principles of the corporation and in order to develop infrastructure of consistent management activities.
We are enhancing links to specialized staff in each field as well as to highly-experienced consultants, and we have a structure in place to immediately support our clients from multiple perspectives.
We actively listen to the voices of every corporation at the Deguchi Labor Management Office and we aim to be a partner to companies by continually providing high quality support with our unquestionable performance and precise adaptability.

Procedural Operations

● Social insurance (health insurance/employee pensions) and labor insurance (employment insurance/ workers' compensation) procedures
● Assistance at Labor Standards Inspection Offices (citations), Pension Services (overall reviews),
Public Employment Security Offices, etc.
● Yearly updates of labor insurance procedures and base amount calculations of social insurance procedures
● Applications for various benefits and grants
● Payroll accounting
● Labor dispatching business applications and labor exchange business applications
● Determination request for old-age pensions, disability pensions, etc.

Consulting for Personnel and Labor Management

● Labor diagnostics and labor audits
● Consultation for personnel, compensation, and work hours
● Creation of a credo (corporate doctrine)
● Advice for personnel and labor management (adherence to compliance) from when staff is hired
to when they resign.
 -- Companies are their people.
 Please don't hesitate to inquire about any problems you have related to people. --

Creation and Revision of Employment Regulations

● Proposals for risk adverse employment regulations offering rapid support to law revisions
● Checks and advice for your present employment regulations and rules
 -- Employment regulations are your corporate constitution.
  Conflicts can be resolved based on employment regulations in the event trouble arises
within your business if employment regulations are put in place appropriately--

Creation of Personnel Evaluations, Wages, and Retirement Benefit Systems

● Proposal and formulation of personnel, wage, and retirement benefit systems that respond to corporate needs such as merit-based wage systems, service allowances, and performance based compensation
 -- Personnel systems are not used simply to evaluate people or determine treatment (compensation).
 These systems must play a role in cultivating human assets (human resources development).
 A profile of the desired employee can be clarified based on your management principles by formulating
personnel and wage systems. --

Analysis of Individual Characteristics/Assessment of Organization Climate

● Support from hiring and education to placement and organizational diagnosis through aptitude tests.
 -- Do you have concerns about hiring, redeployment of labor, etc.?
 Revise hiring, educational training, placement, and organizational diagnosis
through aptitude tests (Cubic). --

Grant Proposals/Applications

● There are a wide variety of grants, and applications for grants are tedious with strict qualification guidelines and troublesome procedures.
  We research the available grants and assist with qualification applications (procedures).

Alternative Dispute Resolution via a Labor and Social Security Attorney

● We resolve workplace trouble through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  We prevent damage to your corporate image and eliminate corporate risk due to trouble with
an employee that escalates to court, we consult and undertake actions about petitions to enable executives
to concentrate on their essential operations, and we lead negotiations and the execution of settlement
contracts as a representative who states your intentions.